Abilene Electrical Power and Controls

(ABILENE, Texas) – Being a full-time student is no easy task. Add working full time and caring for a family, and you might start to wonder how there could be enough hours in a day. 

But Texas State Technical College student veteran Andrew Rowlette wouldn’t have it any other way.

Rowlette is an Air Force veteran who is pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in the Electrical Power and Controls program at the Abilene campus.

“I wanted to better myself. I always knew TSTC was good. And now that I’m here, I love that everyone here is all about bettering yourself and pushing others to better themselves,” Rowlette said. 

After serving for six years as an aircraft mechanic in the Air Force, Rowlette started working at Cargill Inc. in Abilene as maintenance supervisor. There, he found a passion for electrical work. 

“We were recently doing some upgrades to electrical automation equipment, and I really enjoyed it. So I came in (to TSTC) and signed up,” Rowlette said.  

Rowlette is in his first semester and attributes his time in the military to helping prepare him for school.

“It was hard to get back in the swing of being in school because I had been out for so long. But I think the military really helped in the process because it taught me to be responsible and show up on time, and how to study,” Rowlette said.  

Rowlette is excited for what the future holds for him, and encourages others to look into TSTC.  

“I have a family, and my daughter is my world, so this is great to set an example for her and be better for them,” Rowlette said. 

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