Martin Villarreal, Michael Salinas, Naisa Trevino

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – The Texas State Technical College police department held a promotional swearing-in and oath of office reaffirmation ceremony Wednesday, June 29, on the Harlingen campus.

Cameron County Justice of the Peace Eloy Cano Jr. swore in Michael Salinas, who was promoted to TSTC police training sergeant.

Also sworn in were dispatcher Naisa Trevino and campus officer Martin Villarreal.

Salinas said the ceremony was a way to publicly affirm how the TSTC police department is being of service.

“Our goal as TSTC police officers is to convey that transparency to the public,” Salinas said. “Now I am delivering that same service as a training sergeant to our college community. My objective is to have a positive impact on the police side to those who may need it, to provide accurate, adequate and effective training on lifesaving skills or community policing methods.”

TSTC Police Chief Eduardo Patino said the ceremony highlighted the department’s dedication to the campus community.

“The intent is to show appreciation to the members of our community, to our local TSTC leadership and to the family members of our campus police,” Patino said. “It is our campus officers and dispatchers’ duty to live up to their mission, to fulfill their role in our police department and personify our values.”

TSTC Police Lieutenant Gloria Ruiz said the celebration was both a recognition and a promotion for Salinas.

“Salinas embodies a genuine officer who truly cares about his police department,” Ruiz said. “He always seeks ways to improve police training and communications.”

Amanda Posada, interim provost at TSTC’s Harlingen campus and the college’s statewide dual enrollment executive director, added that the event provided a recognition that is close to her heart.

“It is great to speak highly of the men and women who represent our TSTC police department, not only for their professionalism, but for who they are as people,” she said. “We are also grateful for our campus police that go above and beyond in easy and difficult situations.

Sergeant Salinas recently delivered a Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events (CRASE) training with clarity and genuine concern in response to potential on-campus crisis situations for the TSTC family.”

Patino said it is important for the campus police team to foster TSTC’s core values of excellence, accountability, service and integrity.

“Salinas, Villarreal and Trevino possessed this confidence that we seek,” he said. “They made the cognitive decision to join a great team and contribute to make TSTC a great place for all.”

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