2S0A3892 372x451 - TSTC’s North Texas campus hosts Discovery Day

(RED OAK, Texas) – Over 500 high schoolers participated in Texas State Technical College’s Discovery Day on the North Texas campus on Thursday, Nov. 30.

“This gives us an opportunity to be with the community and to be able to show them what we have,” Frances Kelly, a director of student recruiting at TSTC, said. “Most of the students come in with an idea of what they want to do, so it gives them the opportunity to look at it and make sure that this is where they want to go. Some of the kids don’t know what they want to do, so we get an opportunity to shape minds, to let them know the things that you can do with this degree.”

Discovery Day included tours of all of TSTC’s North Texas campus programs, opportunities to talk with current students and instructors, and informational tables about types of aid and assistance available to TSTC students. 

“These types of events are a great opportunity to ask a lot of questions,” Kelly said. “Anything you could think of about a particular program, whether it’s Welding Technology, Diesel Equipment Technology, Precision Machining Technology — whatever you can think of that you don’t have time to ask, you can ask one of our instructors during one of these types of events.”

Megan Redmond, assistant director of enrollment for TSTC’s North Texas campus, echoed the sentiment on the value of getting to meet with the instructors.

“They all have different experience,” she said of the instructors. “They have a wealth of knowledge, and we want to make sure that they (high school teachers and counselors) know their students are in good hands when they come here to attend TSTC.”

Kelly said the event also allows TSTC to convey its message and mission to the community.

“TSTC is here, we have been around for a while, and we are not going anywhere,” she said. “We basically look at the industry partners, and we ask them, ’What do you need us to teach so that they (students) can get out and do the work in the community?’ That’s what sets us apart from any other (college).”

Registration for TSTC’s spring semester is underway. For more information, go to tstc.edu.

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