(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Luis Landeros made the decision to go back to school after 20 years in the workforce. He chose to attend Texas State Technical College because the Mechatronics Technology program offered him what he was looking for in an academic curriculum.

Despite the challenges that came from adjusting to life as a college student, he finished his Associate of Applied Science degree in Mechatronics Technology this December and is ready to jump into a career that he loves.

“Part of me did not believe I could do the college thing,” he said. “Coming from humble beginnings, it was not a feasible opportunity for me. But during my time at TSTC, not only did I meet great instructors, but I also joined several clubs.”

Spending two decades with a regular routine and having to get back into the classroom was something that Landeros learned to adjust to. The addition of the current pandemic did not make the situation easy, but fortunately he had a support system he knew he could count on.

“My cheerleader during my time at TSTC was my wife, Nelda,” he said. “She comes from a family of educators that know the importance of a college education. That is why my wife motivated me to go back to school. She instilled in me its importance.”

His wife offered him guidance on his most frustrating days.

“When I felt like giving up, she was there to push me not to quit,” he said. “If I needed help with a class project, she was there to help and give me ideas on how to complete them.”

Landeros’ mechatronics instructor, Eldwin Leija, saw the dedication that he put into the program.

“Luis was a very dedicated student in all of his classes,” he said. “He was always looking to better himself and is a great example of how all students should persevere when the solutions to problems are not easy to come by.”

Ultimately, Landeros is happy with the decision that he made to go back to school.

“All of this made me realize that with effort and motivation, anything is possible. All you must do is apply yourself to your studies, and everything will be OK.”

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