Welding Technology

(BROWNWOOD, Texas) – Daniel Coers has set a goal for himself while studying Welding Technology at Texas State Technical College.

“I want to work to become the best welding student at TSTC,” he said.

He set the goal knowing that he would be starting a program that he knew little about. In fact, Coers, of Brownwood, did not pick up his first welding torch until the first week of class at TSTC.

“My first plate was pretty bad,” he said. “But I knew I needed to start somewhere. I did not know how to use any of the tools. In fact, I blew up two discs for the grinder on my first day.”

But that has not deterred Coers from achieving his goal.

“I come in here every day just to get better,” he said. “The improvements I have made are astronomical.”

Coers credits that to instructor Daniel Aguirre.

“He is so patient with me and everyone else,” Coers said. “Daniel knows how to work with people who do not know anything about welding. That has helped me improve.”

To achieve his goal of being the best when he completes the certificate of completion in Structural Welding, Coers knows what he needs to do.

“I have to keep my expectations high to improve because I want to come out of this with the best grades in the class,” he said.

Coers is also looking forward to representing TSTC during the 2023 Texas SkillsUSA Leadership and Skills Conference.

“I am already practicing for the state contest. I am looking forward to showing off what I can do to more people,” he said.

Coers’ parents gave him several options to expand his education after high school.

“They wanted me to have a route in life and asked me to look forward to a career,” he said. “I decided to try welding, and it feels like a really good choice for me.”

Aguirre said Coers’ dedication to learning has become infectious.

“When Daniel comes into the shop, he comes in here to weld,” he said. “He came in here with no experience, and it showed. With just a month of work, he is now loving what he is able to do.”

Coers is able to show his parents the work that he has completed.

“They are proud of the things I have been able to do in class,” he said. “They have seen my work progress just like I have.”

According to onetonline.org, welders can earn a yearly median salary of more than $47,820 in Texas. These jobs are expected to increase 23% between 2020 and 2030 in the state, according to the website.

TSTC offers Welding Technology at each of its 10 campuses located throughout Texas.

Welding Technology is one of nine programs at TSTC that have money-back guarantees. The college’s commitment to participating students is simple: If they do not have a job in their field within six months of graduation, they will receive a full refund of their tuition. For more information on the Money-Back Guarantee program, visit https://www.tstc.edu/admissions/tuition/.

For more information about TSTC, visit tstc.edu.

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