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Education and Training chair has a long career in teaching

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Myriam Aguila, Texas State Technical College’s Education and Training department chair, for seven years has helped to transform today’s TSTC students into tomorrow’s educators.

Prior to her time at TSTC, she served as a Head Start teacher, diligently working with the curious minds of two-year-old students. She also worked with the Brownsville Independent School District and as an assistant principal across the world at an elementary school in the United Arab Emirates.

Throughout her years in education, Aguila has known one thing is certain: she was born to teach.

“I firmly believe that being an educator is something that you have in your heart, not only in your mind,” she said. “It is a calling and a need to help others.”

Aguila said that she knew what she wanted to do in her life from a very young age.

“I remember wanting to be a teacher at eight years old,” she said. “It probably runs in my veins.”

Being a part of the lives of students who have the same passion for education is very important to her.

“Being able to share my experience with new generations in the field, and seeing how students grow and develop new skills, is wonderful.”

Though she has many favorite moments, there are a few memories at TSTC that stand out in particular.

“Almost every single class session has left me a great memory,” she said. “One of the moments I remember fondly was when our department received five scholarships to attend a training at NASA in Houston. Another was when a group of educators from Honduras came to the Rio Grande Valley for training and observations, and my bilingual students served as interpreters for them in the classroom.”

Her passion for education is not going anywhere, and neither is she.

“After 32 years of teaching, I do not have plans to retire,” she said. “I enjoy my job so much. Being able to interact and communicate with many people … has allowed me the opportunity to teach and learn at the same time.”

TSTC’s Education and Training program at the Harlingen campus offers an Associate of Applied Science degree and a Certificate 2.

During the month of March, TSTC wants to honor women in history and right on our campuses who work to make strides in STEM fields every day.

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