Allen and Vanessa Hurtado are studying at TSTC to become paramedics. The brother and sister hope to work together one day, but they also have other ambitions in the medical field.

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – There is a hint of sibling rivalry between Vanessa and Allen Hurtado.

But they put it aside while studying to become paramedics at Texas State Technical College. The brother and sister said they have a common goal.

“We really enjoy helping people and want to be there when they need help,” Allen Hurtado said.

The Hurtados decided to complete TSTC’s Emergency Medical Services program together and immediately began studying to become paramedics. They are in their first semester of the paramedic program.

“We both wanted to get started quickly because we knew we would be dealing with the lives of people,” Vanessa Hurtado said.

The first four weeks of the semester included “refresher” information, but the Hurtados know the course will become harder.

That is when Vanessa Hurtado will begin using her “big sister” knowledge to help her brother.

“I am 10 years older than Allen and have been through college. I am going to be there to help him out, and he will do the same for me,” she said. “We will bounce ideas off each other because we want to see each other succeed.”

Allen Hurtado said going through the program with his sister is a great experience.

“I have a different way of studying, and I want us to be successful,” he said.

The Hurtados said having TSTC instructors who have real-world experience will make assignments easier to understand.

“In my opinion, there is no better experience in college than what you will get at TSTC,” Vanessa Hurtado said. “Our instructors are always available to help out if we have questions. They are always a text message away from answering our questions or concerns.”

Allen Hurtado said having experienced instructors leading the program helps him know what to expect in the field.

“They tell us what to expect because they have been there,” he said.

His sister agreed that experience matters.

“They will be able to help you with their personal experience because this job can be so emotional,” Vanessa Hurtado said. “It involves a lot of different things, including how to ‘read’ people. Having their experience to learn from will help us learn the harder stuff that is to come later in the program.”

The Hurtados said they would like to work together but also have other ambitions.

“I think I would like to go to registered nursing school at some point,” Vanessa Hurtado said.

As for Allen Hurtado, he is interested in becoming a trauma surgeon.

But right now they have one goal in mind.

“We want to complete the program and be able to help people,” Vanessa Hurtado said.

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