Waco Triple Crown Salvador Diaz

(WACO, Texas) – Salvador Diaz grew up in Llano County and is pursuing what is known at Texas State Technical College in Waco as the “Triple Crown,” an Associate of Applied Science degree in Solar Energy Technology and certificates in Electrical Construction and Energy Efficiency Specialist. He is scheduled to graduate from TSTC in fall 2023.

The Llano High School graduate is the first TSTC student to accept a two-part internship with Italian-based Enel Green Power. Diaz will work at the company’s Seven Cowboy Wind Project in New Cordell, Oklahoma, from mid-May to early August and again in 2023.

What got you interested in attending TSTC?

A TSTC recruiter went to my high school and made a presentation. I was going to get a business degree. But I thought, when I graduated, how hard would it be to find a job? What convinced me to come to TSTC is that you will get a job. It’s a good place with good instructors.

How did you decide on what to study at TSTC?

I toured TSTC in the spring of my senior year but did not know the “Triple Crown” existed. I came here just to take electrical construction classes and become an electrician. I discovered it (the “Triple Crown”) and became passionate about renewable energy.

How did you learn about the internship opportunity?

I was looking into different companies, and I found myself becoming interested in how energy gets supplied to the grid. An instructor sent an email about the internship opportunity.

How did TSTC’s Career Services department help you prepare for the internship’s interview process?

I had my resume and made modifications to it, but I learned from an instructor about Career Services and showed the staff my resume. I went back home and made changes to it. I wanted to make sure it was set and good.

I went back to Career Services and met with Jose Muniz, the Career Services director. We hit it off, and I could tell he is very passionate about helping people. He went above and beyond to help me practice for the interview. It was kind and generous of him to take the time to prepare me like that.

I sent my resume to the company, and exactly a week later, they called me for an interview by Zoom. I found out in early April that I got the internship.

What will you do during your internship?

This summer, I will be shadowing each discipline at the wind farm. When I come back next summer, I will work with the site coordinator. I’m glad it all worked out. It’s a great learning opportunity, and I will be getting a lot of experience on-site. I hope to learn how to manage everything and what goes into building solar farms and wind farms.

What motivates you in life?

My parents play a big role in my motivation, and growing up watching them taught me everything I know, including my drive to work hard just like them.


For more information on Enel Green Power, go to enelgreenpower.com.

For more information on TSTC, go to tstc.edu.

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