(HARLINGEN, Texas) – The Harlingen Economic Development Corporation (EDC) recently gave $100,000 to The TSTC Foundation at Texas State Technical College.

The donation will be used for The TSTC Foundation’s Goal Line Assistance program to help TSTC students who may be facing financial hurdles during the final year of their education. Economic hardships brought on by the pandemic have impacted some students across the TSTC community, and these funds will ensure that affected students are able to get help when they need it.

Richard Mesquias, TSTC’s senior field development officer, said that the contribution is an illustration of how much the Harlingen EDC cares about the community.

“This generous donation is just another example of their commitment to our community,” he said. “The Harlingen EDC clearly understands the importance of a technical college education and knows that our graduates fill essential positions in the workforce, which allows them to contribute to the economic growth of our city.”

He went on to explain that while some students receive assistance to attend college, awards do not necessarily cover the hardships that may come while a student is already enrolled.

“In many cases, financial aid does not cover all the expenses a student might face in their pursuit of an education,” he said.

Some TSTC students experience hardships that can mean the difference between continuing their studies and dropping out.

“A lot of our students are just a flat tire away from stopping their education,” said TSTC Provost Cledia Hernandez. “Opportunities like this allow our students to finish their journey and go on to be great citizens in their community.”

Harlingen EDC CEO Raudel Garza complimented the efforts put forth by TSTC to ensure that students obtain the education needed to leave an impact.

“TSTC has excellent programs and training,” he said. “Together, with the help of this (Goal Line Assistance) program and others like it, we are accomplishing student and community success.”

TSTC Chancellor Mike Reeser expressed gratitude for being able to work with other organizations that share the same ideals as TSTC.

“Fortunately at TSTC we get to work with companies who feel the same way about making an impression on our students — companies who know that students sometimes just need a hand to become productive members of society and also great employees,” he said.

To learn more about TSTC, visit tstc.edu.


Harlingen EDC Photo 300x228 - TSTC Foundation’s Goal Line Assistance program receives grant from Harlingen EDC

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