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(BROWNWOOD, Texas) – With the need for network and computer systems administrators growing statewide, Texas State Technical College is the place many individuals turn to for training in this field.

At the Brownwood campus, TSTC provides students with different options to earn a degree or certificate in Computer Networking and Systems Administration. Students may choose to pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree, certificates of completion in IT Support Tier 1 and IT Support Tier II, or an advanced technology certificate in Cloud Computing.

When students graduate, they can find employment as network administrators or analysts, help desk specialists, field technicians and systems integration specialists, according to Renee Blackshear, an instructor at the Brownwood campus.

The average annual salary for network and computer systems administrators in Texas is $85,380, according to The website showed that the need for these workers in the state was forecast to grow 20% between 2020 and 2030.

Recently Blackshear discussed what students can expect in the program, which is also offered online and at the Abilene, Marshall, North Texas and Waco campuses.

What is the Computer Networking and Systems Administration program?

Organizations of every size need experts to manage and secure their interconnected devices, networks and applications. In the Computer Networking and Systems Administration program, students learn how to put together hardware to build a computer, install operating systems, then connect multiple computers and devices together in a secure and efficient network infrastructure.

What will students learn during the program?

Students learn and develop soft skills, including communication, documentation and professionalism, as well as hardware, operating systems, routers and switches, Python and PowerShell scripting, network and device security, and more.

What have graduates told you about their career successes?

Graduates are extremely pleased with the learning journey offered within the degree plan and are able to quickly find jobs in the high-demand field rather easily. Many students have jobs prior to graduation.

What type of experience with computers does a person need to have in order to enroll?

From complete novice to semi-expert, the program offers instruction that meets the students where they are and aids in filling any learning gaps.

Why is it important for the workforce to have qualified computer networkers on their staff?

Information technology and computers are involved in every industry, from education to big business and everything in between. It is the backbone, the infrastructure, that helps industry meet the needs of consumers.

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