Photo caption: TSTC Information Technology field support manager Emmanuel Carr cleans his laptop device using a cleaning wipe in observance of National Clean Up Your Computer Month. (Photo courtesy of TSTC.)

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – In observance of National Clean Up Your Computer Month, Texas State Technical College Information Technology field support manager Emmanuel Carr recently offered some tips on how to keep computers operating efficiently.

Carr said routine computer checkups are vital.

“Just as you visit a doctor’s clinic to check on your health, performing preventative maintenance allows your device to perform smoothly,” he said. “Regardless of the type of technology it is, that maintenance definitely goes a long way. It can save you a lot of time and money. Make sure to clean your computer with an electronics duster or a cleaning wipe.”

While some people are technologically savvy, others are not. For them, Carr had the following suggestions.

“I recommend backing up files,” he said. “This is a simple copy and paste of your documents to a USB drive. These can be purchased at any electronics store or, for college students, at a college bookstore. Another option is to organize your files. It’s recommended not to clutter the desktop of your device because it can lead to slow performance. Next, delete any unused files. Do not store any files on the device, and use an external USB drive. A helpful reminder is to run a daily antivirus scan. It’s recommended to clean your computer every three to six months for smooth operation.”

TSTC’s IT department focuses on the latest trends in technology.

“Our department listens to the business needs of our end users to come up with viable solutions that will benefit the college,” he said. “There are several policies for our computer systems across the state that keep clutter minimal and maintainable. Without a system’s routine maintenance, it can lead to decreased business productivity. This is a potential security risk for the college and its stakeholders.”

January is National Clean Up Your Computer Month.

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