(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Health Information Technology instructor Sarah Brooks has taught at Texas State Technical College for 17 years. Her excitement upon discovering the many opportunities available in health information guided her to a career as department chair at TSTC.

Brooks discussed the advantages of earning a Medical Office Specialist certificate online, as well as the paths available for someone who studies the expansive field of health information technology.

What is the day-to-day career like for a medical office specialist?

It can vary, depending on job title and work setting. You spend the majority of your day in front of the computer, with little or no direct patient contact. Your main job function is to ensure the information found in the patient’s electronic medical record is timely, complete and accurate. This is typically a fast-paced working environment with little downtime.

What do you think the advantages are of earning a medical office specialist certificate online?

The advantages of earning any certificate or degree online is the flexibility that this learning environment offers. Many of our students work full time and have families of their own while taking courses online. Students are able to work on their course when they want, from where they want.

What are some of the best traits that a student should have to succeed in the program?

 Self-discipline, self-motivation and time management are traits that are critical in being successful as an online student.

Is the learning for this certificate still hands-on?

 Absolutely. In our program, the instructors make themselves readily available to each student by offering virtual office hours and virtual learning labs every week at various times throughout the day and evening. The program also utilizes a variety of real-world software applications that students will gain hands-on experience in.

What advice would you give to somebody who was considering enrolling in this program?

 Students need to know they are not alone. The instructor and students work together as a team, sharing their work, life and educational experiences during the online learning process.

To learn more about Health Information Technology at TSTC, visit https://www.tstc.edu/programs/HealthInformationTechnology.

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