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(WACO, Texas) – As hot weather settles in, be sure to give your air conditioning system a big hug.

Sunday, July 3, is Air Conditioning Appreciation Day. And there is no better time to make sure that cooling systems are operating at their best.

Texas State Technical College’s HVAC Technology program and the Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas have advice on what consumers can do to stay cool.

What consumers can do

TSTC’s HVAC Technology program recommends changing filters once every two months. Consumers need to ensure that the correct size is being used. Children going inside and outside and the presence of indoor pets will also necessitate that filters be changed out more often.

The Better Business Bureau recommends that consumers weatherize their homes by caulking, insulating and weather stripping. An energy audit can help find places within homes where this work needs to be done.

When help is needed

Cesar Fernandez, an instructor in TSTC’s HVAC Technology program, said insured and licensed technicians need to check HVAC systems before summer and winter as part of planned maintenance. An invoice should be provided for all work done.

Stevan Panici, an instructor in TSTC’s HVAC Technology program, said technicians will be needed if operating air conditioning trips breakers. Technicians will also be needed if consumers smell unfamiliar odors, see ice building up or discover water leaks.

Panici said the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is a great resource to research technicians’ license numbers and status.

What technicians need to do

Some of the tasks that technicians should perform when working on HVAC units include cleaning and checking condenser and evaporator coils, checking amperage and voltage on motors, looking at thermostat calibration and examining airflow, according to the Better Business Bureau.

If a new HVAC system is needed, technicians should offer consumers, in writing, at least one free service call after installation, according to the Better Business Bureau.


TSTC offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in HVAC Technology and certificates of completion in HVAC Technician, HVAC Technology, and HVAC Residential Service Technician. The program also offers an occupational skills achievement award in Basic HVAC.

For more information on the Better Business Bureau, go to BBB.org.

Registration continues for the fall semester. For more information, go to tstc.edu

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