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(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Inspired by his own educators when he was a student at Texas State Technical College, Eutiquio Calderon is now paying it forward as an instructor for TSTC’s Wind Energy Technology program. He is not only a mentor for his students, but also someone who constantly encourages them to reach for the sky.

“I am strict as an instructor, but I am also easy to get along with,” he said. “I encourage those who need it, praise students who deserve it, and always give a helping hand to those who ask for one.”

Calderon’s wife once reminded him of his goal to become an instructor after he graduated from college.

“Years ago, my wife told me that I mentioned that I wanted to gain work experience so that one day I could come back and become an instructor,” he said. “Four years later, I am here loving what I do — helping others achieve their education and career goals.”

Seeing students grow intellectually through their education is one of his favorite aspects of being an instructor.

“My students are like my children,” he said. “I see them grow as individuals in the year and a half that they are in my courses. I enjoy receiving emails from them saying that they are enjoying my classes. I have even received pictures from some beautiful wind farms that they are working in.”

Calderon said he enjoys celebrating educational milestones with his students.

“Some of my favorite memories are the graduation ceremonies,” he said. “Students are happy to be moving forward in their lives and are celebrated by friends and family. Some of them even ask me to be in their photos. It’s a proud feeling.”

Calderon’s passion also comes from a very personal anecdote that he takes with him into the classroom.

“I advise them with the mentality that my grandmother, Julia Calderon, would give to me: ‘Lo mas importante en la vida es la educación,’” he said. “The most important thing in life is education.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, wind energy technology is expected to grow exponentially through 2028 and beyond.

To learn more about the program at TSTC, visit https://www.tstc.edu/programs/WindEnergyTechnology.

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