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From the onset, TSTC and MGT established the following objectives of the compensation study:

  • To review employee job duties and relevant external market pay and benefits data against current employee compensation,
  • To ensure recommended changes are consistent with the College’s compensation philosophy, mission, goals, and objectives, and    
  • To provide implementation phase-in options for new compensation and benefits system.

The key processes in the compensation study include:

  • Ongoing employee communications
  • Gather and evaluate current job data

- Current Job Descriptions
- Job Content Questionnaire (JCQ)
- Management Issues Paper (MIP)

  • Develop/Update compensation system

- Salary study
- Identification of data sources and competitive recruitment markets
-  Benefits survey

  • Develop implementation strategies

Job Content Questionnaire© (JCQ)

MGT will use the input obtained from TSTC employees input to compare with external data sources to produce a report about TSTC’s current rate of compensation by grade and class compared to the minimum, market and maximum rate of pay for each class. Primarily the JCQ instrument is offered online, but MGT also provides paper surveys for those employees who preferred a hard copy. The JCQ is updated for FLSA compliance and collects current position information from each employee. Since participating in the survey instrument is voluntary, not all individuals may be represented in the final report, but nonetheless, all job TSTC job descriptions are included the study to determine the average rate of pay by grade and class compared to the market.

The JCQ  (MGT of America, 2012) includes the following:

I. Basic Job-Related Information
    Section 1.0 – Employment Status
II. Job Description and Responsibilities
    Section 2.0 – Job Description
    Section 3.0 – Job Duties
    Section 4.0 – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
    Section 5.0 – Function within the Organization
    Section 6.0 – Educational Preparation
    Section 7.0 – Experience Required
III. Work Performed, Responsibility/Leadership, Communication, Decision-Making
    Section 8.0 – Work Performed
    Section 9.0 – Responsibility and Leadership
    Section 10.0 – Communication
    Section 11.0 – Decision-Making
IV. Financial Authority, Tools and Equipment Usage, and Physical Job Factors
    Section 12.0 – Financial Authority
    Section 13.0 – Tools and Equipment Usage
    Section 14.0 – Working Conditions and Physical Requirements

Salary study and identifying appropriate data sources

MGT understands that TSTC’s recruitment markets are from local, statewide, regional and beyond (MGT of America, 2012). The data sources that will be used to comparatively study compensation to determine the market rate will be:

  • College and University Personnel Association database (CUPA-HR).
  • Texas Workforce Commission
  • Information from identified peer institutions and/or private employers.
  • IPEDs
  • Other – TASB, THECB

    MGT will also identify TSTC benefits for inclusion in a complete comparative compensation package. To compare complete compensation, the survey is designed to collect data in three main categories of benefits:

  • Employee Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Special Pay and General Information  

        The Employee Benefits category is further divided into subcategories of benefits such as:

  • Vacation
  • Sick and Disability Leave
  • Health Plans
  • Life Insurance

Additionally, the survey will gather data regarding relevant special pay categories for employees such as longevity pay, stipends, and extra duty pay.

Project Outcomes

The final work product from MGT will be a market-based compensation program relevant to each of the four colleges within the TSTC System including System Operations. The program will include:

  • Detailed documentation of results,
  • Identification of data sources utilized for ease of updating/replication,
  • Identification of value of benefits and their contribution to the compensation program,
  • Costs to implement study recommendations by college, and
  • Guidelines for ongoing compensation administration.

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