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Because of their skills and training, Process Technicians are involved at all stages of a manufacturing process. The job requires individuals to follow strict internal protocols. A Process Technician follows strict internal protocols and will be responsible for a single specific step in the manufacturing process. You’ll learn about…

  • Safety, Health, and Environmental Concerns
  • Blueprint Reading and Sketching
  • Process Technologies and Troubleshooting

You can add even more experience to your resume by working in internships and cooperative programs with one of our well-known industry partners.


Degree Plans

Students are required to enroll in a First-Year Seminar course, TSTC 1102 Professional Skills, in their first semester attending TSTC unless they have completed more than 24 credit hours. Please see detailed information regarding the course and exemptions in the Catalog and Student Handbook under 07. First Steps at TSTC section 04. First Year Seminar Courses (TSTC 1101 and TSTC 1102).

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Process Operations Technology
AAS Associate of Applied Science
Process Operations - Materials Handler
CER2 Certificate of Completion
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