Joey Maldonado is a Wind Energy Technology student at TSTC’s Harlingen location.

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – It is never too late to consider college.

That is the encouragement Texas State Technical College Wind Energy Technology student Joey Maldonado received from his family and friends so he could have a rewarding career.

“(They) wanted me to find something to fall back on because I have the potential to do more,” he said.

That is when Maldonado took the initiative to transition from being a senior representative at a call center to earning an electrician certification in 2023. But he wanted more. He researched the programs that TSTC had available.

“The Wind Energy Technology program appealed to me,” he said. “I would be able to expand my electrical knowledge. The idea of working at a high altitude and traveling sounded interesting. I wanted a career that I would be proud of.”

Now Maldonado is studying for a certificate of completion in the program.

“It’s fascinating to learn about a wind turbine,” he said. “I’ve learned how alternating and direct currents work. I’ve learned how a wind turbine can be monitored and analyzed. I’m satisfied with my choice to enroll in this program.”

The Harlingen resident is getting plenty of hands-on experience at TSTC.

“In the DC Circuits course, I learned how to calculate the resistors using Ohm’s law,” he said. “That is a formula used to calculate the relationship between voltage, current and resistance in an electrical circuit. I enjoy this knowledge because it will benefit me in my career.”

Mario Sanchez is one of Maldonado’s instructors.

“Joey’s potential can be observed in his drive to succeed,” he said. “He’s determined to accomplish his goal in the program because he wants a great career.”

Maldonado said TSTC is preparing him for success.

“I feel confident about the choice I made to enroll in this program,” he said. “The instructors are getting me to a point of where I need to be. I’m thankful the college has opened a door to an education to better my life. I look forward to what will come my way.”

The job outlook for the wind energy industry is bright. According to, the need for wind turbine service technicians in Texas was forecast to increase 102% from 2020 to 2030. The average annual salary for a technician in Texas is $56,640, according to the website.

TSTC’s Wind Energy Technology program offers an Associate of Applied Science degree and a certificate of completion at the Harlingen and Sweetwater locations.

Registration for TSTC’s summer and fall semester is underway. For more information, visit

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