Mother and daughter stand side by side in front of one of the electrical training boards, smiling at the camera. Both wear blue jeans and black tops.

(RED OAK, Texas) – Mother and daughter Alexia Baca and Victoria Baca are working together through the Electrical Power and Controls program at Texas State Technical College’s North Texas campus.

Alexia Baca was a stay-at-home mom who had been considering going back to school for some time.

“When (Victoria) graduated(from high school), we were like, ‘Hey, yeah, you do it,’ and I was like, ‘Hey, well, since she’s doing it, you know, I guess I can do it now too,’” she said. 

Alexia Baca said being in the program simultaneously allows them to work together if needed.

“(Victoria) is really smart,” she said. “She’s really independent. I need more help from her because I’m not as fast as she is. We will ask each other questions sometimes on the homework, but we pretty much do our own thing.”

Alexia Baca said her husband already worked in the electrical industry and had encouraged them to look into TSTC’s Electrical Power and Controls program.

“I like how everything connects,” Victoria Baca said. “When we do the hands-on stuff, if something’s loose, the whole thing doesn’t work. I just like how you can connect everything.”

Both Alexia Baca and Victoria Baca are in their first semester of the program and plan to work toward receiving their Associate of Applied Science degrees.

According to, the need for electrical and electronic engineering technologists and technicians in Texas was forecast to increase 14% between 2020 and 2030. The website stated that the median salary for these technicians in the state is $62,970

TSTC offers an Associate of Applied Science degree in Electrical Power and Controls at the Abilene, Fort Bend County, North Texas and Waco campuses.

The Electrical Power and Controls program is part of TSTC’s Money-Back Guarantee. The college’s commitment to participating students is simple: If they do not have a job in their field within six months of graduation, then they will receive a full refund of their tuition.

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