Holly Hargrove is a 2024 graduate of TSTC’s Business Management Technology program and the founder of Ruffin’ It Resort, a Harlingen-based pet care boarding facility.

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Holly Hargrove is putting her skills to work in her Harlingen-based business venture, Ruffin’ It Pet Resort.

“It’s a 24/7 luxury pet care boarding facility,” Hargrove, who recently graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management Technology at Texas State Technical College, said. “We aim to provide quality pet care and a unique experience for our customers’ cats and dogs. I am going to manage our employees and resolve major concerns that arise. That includes handling the care, grooming and safety of the pets that will be in our facility.”

Duston Brooks was one of Hargove’s instructors at TSTC.

“Holly wanted to know the ‘why,’ whether it was a specific formula in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or coming up with a financial plan for a mock small business,” he said. “Students who graduate from our program gain skills that are very portable.”

JoLynn Hightower, director of alignment for TSTC’s Business Management Technology program, said a degree is not specifically geared toward entrepreneurship.

“It can serve our graduates well in their new business, if that’s the path they choose,” she said.

Hargrove, of Harlingen, was first introduced to pet care by her mother.

“I used to join my mother at her job where she has worked as a veterinarian technician for 15 years,” she said. “I watched how she took care of the animals. After I graduated from high school, a family friend asked if I could take care of their dog while they were away. I agreed. That turned into a small business of doing home pet care visits through word-of-mouth advertising and posting flyers around town. I’ve been taking care of people’s pets for about four years.”

Hargrove said her training at TSTC prepared to begin her business venture.

“I learned a lot about managing a business, taking care of a client and how to positively impact a customer’s feelings toward a business,” she said. “My TSTC instructors developed my way of thinking to be professional.”

TSTC offers online training for its Business Management Technology program, which includes an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management Technology and certificates of completion in Bookkeeping Accounting Assistant, Business Management Technology and Office Assistant.

Registration for TSTC’s fall semester is underway. For more information, visit tstc.edu.

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