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Samsung Electronics representatives speak with TSTC Mechatronics Technology students about job opportunities available at the Samsung Austin Semiconductor’s new production facility in Taylor during a recent employer spotlight at TSTC’s Harlingen campus.

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – A group of Mechatronics Technology students at Texas State Technical College’s Harlingen campus recently heard about job opportunities at the new Samsung Austin Semiconductor production facility in Taylor.

During the recruitment visit, representatives from Samsung Electronics discussed the company’s job outlook and work culture.

Brian Reckart, master technician for Samsung Electronics, said the training that students receive at TSTC is beneficial for Samsung.

“Maintaining a semiconductor lab utilizes all of the skills they learn at TSTC,” he said. “Having that foundation allows them to have a larger impact in a faster time frame because they know how electromechanical systems are used. The attention to detail that is reinforced at TSTC is critical to Samsung’s success.”

Sookyoung Kim, talent acquisition event coordinator for Samsung Electronics, said many of the students demonstrated a strong interest in the company.

“It’s great that they are accomplished in the technical part in TSTC’s high-level program,” she said. “We are focused on if they would fit into the company culturally and among many of the other departments. Additionally, we are seeking individuals who are flexible, open-minded, detail-oriented and are problem-solvers.”

Kim said partnering with TSTC has been rewarding.

“Our company has worked closely with TSTC to find ways for graduates to find employment,” she said. “Many students who have completed a TSTC program are the talent Samsung Austin Semiconductor needs. This recruitment will help organize them to get a job with us. They will work with others from around the world in a multicultural, world-class company.”

Jeremy Gaytan, who is studying for an Associate of Applied Science degree, said he is interested in the company because the semiconductor industry is booming.

“The representatives know that we are skilled and ready to work because the field is competitive,” he said.

Gaytan appreciated that the company’s work culture was emphasized.

“It’s great to know they understand the importance of a work-life balance,” he said.

Manuel Banuelos is also pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in the program. He said Samsung’s presentation was informative.

“The company’s positions are stable, and there’s a high demand for technicians,” he said. “I am interested to know how they take care of their employees for career growth.”

Banuelos added that TSTC’s training makes him a great candidate for employment.

“Much of our training here at TSTC is connected to their industry,” he said. “Those skills are required for a technician job at Samsung Austin Semiconductor.”

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrical and electronic engineering technologists and technicians can earn around $63,260 a year. Onetonline.org projected that there would be a 14% increase in the number of such jobs in the state from 2020 to 2030.

TSTC offers Mechatronics Technology at the Harlingen campus, where students can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree or a Basic Electromechanical Automation (PLC) occupational skills achievement award.

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