Andres leans against a red Diesel truck wearing a blue tstc hoodie and hat. Stephanie sits inside the truck behind him wearing a gray sweater over a blue shirt

(ROSENBERG, Texas) – “Texas State Technical College is a family.” This phrase often is repeated by its staff, instructors and students. And in some cases, the statement is literal. Many fathers, mothers, sons and daughters attend, teach and work at TSTC, creating a legacy of learning in technical fields.

One such mother, Stephanie Basurto, is getting to watch her son Andres go through TSTC’s Diesel Equipment Technology program firsthand.

Basurto works as a student recruitment representative at the Fort Bend County location. Her son is working toward his certificate of completion.

“Working at and attending the same school has brought us closer together in our relationship,” Basurto said. “He has been really striving since attending TSTC, and I know he is being taken care of. Being able to see that makes me such a proud mom.”

Another mother at TSTC, Michelle Navarro-Flores, is working on her Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology certificate of completion to provide a good life for her children.

“As the mother of three, I was looking to start a new career,” Navarro-Flores said. “I met with Kent from Career Services, who took me on a tour. The school was super supportive that I was a mom.”

She plans to graduate this semester and begin putting her new skills to use in her career.

Some mothers look forward to the day when their own child will attend TSTC. Judy Cox, director of Career Services at the Fort Bend County location, is excited to see her daughter attend the Welding Technology program in the fall.

“In high school, Ryleigh got into welding,” Cox said. “She asked me if she could go into the welding program, which I fully supported. I’m super excited for her future.”

Cox said that any advice she will give her child during college is the same as what she gives to others.

“At some point, every student started to become like my own child,” she said.

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