Breckenridge Nursing

(BRECKENRIDGE, Texas) – Jadin Casto’s interest in nursing was sparked when she was a child.

The Texas State Technical College Nursing student personally saw how nurses helped her injured sister recover. She also observed family members who were nurses, and it became her dream to make nursing a career.

“My aunts and my mom were nurses, so I have always been interested in the field,” she said.

Casto enrolled in TSTC’s Nursing program in Breckenridge to become a licensed vocational nurse.

“TSTC has some great instructors and a really good support system,” she said. “Everyone at the campus goes above and beyond to help us.”

Casto said Breckenridge’s program is a “hidden treasure” in Texas, and she hopes more people will take advantage of the opportunity.

“The staff is one of the best you could ask for,” she said. “They want to make sure we have everything available to be successful.”

Instructor Jenny Wingate is seeing Casto grow into the profession.

Even though she is in the beginning stages of the program, she is already growing her professional nursing skills in both the classroom and clinical setting,” Wingate said.

Wingate also noted Casto’s admirable work ethic and willingness to help others.

“She recently gave back to her community by participating in a COVID-19 vaccine clinic in Breckenridge, serving a large number of patients,” she said. “Her hard work and dedication to serving others are just a few top qualities that ensure her future success as a nurse.”

Casto said Wingate helps her with any situation.

“She goes above and beyond by spending time making sure we are told the best way to do things,” she said. “All of the instructors show us what we could be doing, and that helps build my confidence. The teaching styles they all possess motivate me to work hard.”

Casto said the fast pace of the program is sometimes challenging, but with constant communication, students can succeed.

“If we do have a question, the instructors make sure to take the time to answer it. All they want is for all of us to succeed,” she said.

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