(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Texas State Technical College celebrated its summer 2021 graduates Thursday evening, lauding Harlingen campus students for their achievements during a virtual ceremony streamed on Facebook Live.

“As provost for the Harlingen campus, I had the privilege to welcome you to our TSTC family when you first started this journey,” Cledia Hernandez said during the video. “Now I have the honor to congratulate you as you have finished your educational goal. Now you are fully trained and ready to go into our workforce.”

Many programs celebrated graduates during the ceremony, including Auto Collision and Management Technology, Biomedical Equipment Technology, Education and Training, and more.

“We know a lot of hard work and dedication went into that,” Hernandez said. “Congratulations. We know that you will now go and be able to fulfill your dream of being able to enjoy that career you were made and built for.”

“Pomp and Circumstance” played throughout the video as the names and degrees of the graduates appeared for each program. Viewers commented throughout the event, offering words of support and congratulations to TSTC programs, classmates and loved ones.

After the video ended, graduates and their family members could browse a Facebook album of photos, the degrees obtained and, if provided by the graduate, a quote to sum up the experience at TSTC.

Some graduates, like Andrew Guillen, who earned a certificate of completion in the Academic Core program, thanked their family members while looking ahead.

“I want to give special recognition to grandma Justa Zavala for always giving me great advice and leading me on a right path,” he wrote. “My journey at TSTC hasn’t been easy, but it was definitely worth it. I can’t wait to continue my education into the dental hygienist program.”

Others, like Brenda Vallejo, shared Bible verses or inspirational thoughts from historical figures like Abigail Adams: “Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardor and attended to with diligence.”

David Tello, who obtained a certificate of completion in the Electrical Lineworker Technology program, gave a special shout-out to his TSTC instructors.

“A very special thank-you to both of my instructors, Mr. Toledo and Mr. Cande — both of you have shown me to push past my limits that I didn’t know I can achieve,” he wrote. “Honestly, I wouldn’t have been here without the knowledge you have given me, and for that I’m thankful.”

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