Grant Burbach, Richard Mesquias Jr., , Jorge Vargas, Belinda Palomino, Riki Mungia, Anali Cantu

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – With inflation affecting the price of resources that are important to Texas State Technical College students, the Advocacy and Resource Center at TSTC’s Harlingen campus recently received a donation of 50 backpacks through a partnership between The TSTC Foundation and the Boggus Automotive Group.

“This type of donation is essential for a student’s success,” said Belinda Palomino, TSTC’s Advocacy and Resource Center coordinator and statewide lead. “Backpacks can cost up to $30. Sometimes that amount is the difference between a student putting gas in their vehicle or their next meal. This donation alleviates TSTC students from having that concern.”

Jacob Boggus, general manager for the Boggus Automotive Group, said this small gesture demonstrates a larger commitment of support and partnership with TSTC and its students.

“Those students are our future employees, and we value them,” Boggus said. “We need TSTC to educate our students, and we would like to employ them. For TSTC students, they are confident that at graduation they will have a job at a solid place of employment to learn, grow and prosper.”

Richard Mesquias Jr., The TSTC Foundation’s senior field development officer, said the Boggus Automotive Group has been a consistent industry partner in the college’s endeavors by providing students with scholarships and internships.

“This in-kind gift is the latest example of that partnership,” Mesquias said. “We are very appreciative of the support that the Boggus Automotive Group has provided over the years with donated equipment, materials and scholarship funding. Now it is for the backpacks.”

The donation occurred at a perfect time for the Advocacy and Resource Center with the summer 2022 semester underway at TSTC and the fall semester on the horizon.

Palomino said the overall response for having the backpacks available has been positive.

“Our students are grateful to see the support from the community,” she said. “If any local businesses would like to contribute to our TSTC students’ success, we accept food, cleaning supplies such as detergent and soap, and personal hygiene products.”

Palomino added that this summer the Advocacy and Resource Center will continue to assist students and grow TSTC’s community networks.

“Every Wednesday, we will host a local organization on campus that provides free or low-cost services to our students,” she said. “Organizations such as the Family Crisis Center, Planned Parenthood and Come Dream, Come Build have already provided great information directly to the students. We hope to continue this in the fall.”

TSTC students can learn about TSTC’s Advocacy and Resource Center, including its calendar of events, by visiting its “Culture of Caring” website through the TSTC Portal.

Registration for the fall semester is underway. For more information, visit

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