New campus police officers Camryn Gonzalez (left) and Alfredo Elizondo recently pledged their commitment to the TSTC police department at a swearing-in ceremony at the Harlingen campus.

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – The Texas State Technical College police department held an oath of office swearing-in ceremony Thursday, April 13, at the Learning Resource Center on the Harlingen campus.

Cameron County Justice of the Peace Eloy Cano Jr. swore in new campus officers Alfredo Elizondo and Camryn Gonzalez.

Elizondo said he is proud to join the police department.

“It’s an honor to be accepted and guided by fellow TSTC police officers who have welcomed me to the college community police family,” he said. “Helping others motivates me because I love the law enforcement profession. The college is special because the college’s officers are protecting our future workers of Texas and America. To know that people are protected every day and students can succeed in their dreams without fear is a great sense of pride.”

Gonzalez said the ceremony was an important step in her career.

“Participating in the oath to serve and protect TSTC is of the utmost honor,” she said. “Building rapport with my fellow officers, the faculty members and the student body has been memorable. Additionally, I have improved my skills and confidence through guidance by TSTC police officer (David) Sarabia, TSTC Police Sgt. (Eduardo) Becerra, TSTC Police Lt. (Gloria) Ruiz and TSTC Police Chief (Eduardo) Patino.”

Patino said the swearing-in ceremony has become part of the TSTC police department’s culture.

“The oath of office is a way for our officers to affirm to the community that they are dedicated and committed as public servants,” he said. “The ceremony is special for the officer, their family and our college community. They adopt our core values of excellence, accountability, service and integrity, and they personify them.”

Becerra said Elizondo and Gonzalez have displayed great character.

“Alfredo and Camryn have just started their career in law enforcement,” he said. “Through proper leadership and training, they will flourish in their roles.”

Patino said it is important for the new officers to uphold transparency.

“That trust with the TSTC community is imperative to establish a healthy relationship,” he said.

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