A career in biology

Learn all about the study of biology at TSTC. Achieve an associate degree and work in a lab as a technician or under the supervision of a biologist or veterinarian. Or pursue a job in the medical field. There are so many options to put a biology degree to work.

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Our biology courses will give you the required credits needed for an Associate of Science degree. You can also meet the Academic Core and prerequisite coursework for various Allied Health Technologies programs. With this degree, you could transfer your credits to a four-year institution.


Degree Plans

Students are required to enroll in a First-Year Seminar course, TSTC 1101 College Success, in their first semester attending TSTC unless they have completed more than 24 credit hours. Please see detailed information regarding the course and exemptions in the Catalog and Student Handbook under 07. First Steps at TSTC section 04. First Year Seminar Courses (TSTC 1101 and TSTC 1102).

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