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Study the basics, including theoretical and computational physics, and develop the building blocks for a four-year degree. You’ll be able to transfer to a Texas institution to pursue a career in physics, science, engineering, or technology.

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The Associate of Science Degree in Physics is intended to support technical programs and your educational goals. With this degree, you may choose to transfer to a college or university to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in physics or a related discipline such as astronomy, geophysics, or an engineering field.

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The Associate of Science degree in Physics is intended for students planning to transfer to a college or university in order to obtain a bachelor's degree in Physics or a physics-related discipline, such as astronomy, geophysics or any engineering field.

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PHY.PBE.AS | Physics AS

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AS Associate of Science
Jaime Romo
Garry Sigler
Jumpstart your four-year degree with Physics
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