Fabian Alejandre is a Mechatronics Technology student at TSTC’s Harlingen campus.

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Noteworthy African Americans who made their mark in American history have inspired many generations, and their contributions are celebrated during Black History Month each February.

Texas State Technical College student Fabian Alejandre was introduced to the accomplishments of such trailblazers by his parents, and those accomplishments would help guide his life’s journey.

Alejandre’s aspirations to become a scientist led to his decision to enroll in the Mechatronics Technology program at TSTC’s Harlingen campus, where is studying for an Associate of Applied Science degree.


How were you introduced to TSTC’s Mechatronics Technology program, and how has it influenced your career path?


I want to pursue a career in science. I realized that I would have to begin from square one through research and hands-on approaches. TSTC’s Mechatronics Technology program has the foundation that would prepare me for my dream job as a scientist.


Which African American leaders have made an impact on you?


During the modernization of America, inventor Charles S. L. Baker patented a radiator system using friction heat. This was a result of harsh winters. He worked for many years to develop his theory and promoted it as a more cost-effective method.


Katherine Johnson and Dorothy Vaughan were NASA mathematicians who helped advance NASA’s mission.


Additionally, Freddie Figgers is a modern American inventor and technological entrepreneur who founded Figgers Communication and other companies. His father had Alzheimer’s disease and would sometimes walk away on his own. To help him, Figgers built a shoe with a GPS tracker with two-way communication.


Do you think a new generation is still influenced by African American leaders of the past?


I believe that many are in some parts of the world. My parents are retired military, and I have witnessed religious and cultural influences after having lived in the states of California, North Carolina and now Texas.


What legacy would you leave behind for Black History Month?


I would enjoy leaving behind a scientific empire for others to learn. It would reflect my passion for science and honor past leaders.


TSTC is proud to recognize Black History Month, an annual celebration to recognize the achievements and contributions by African Americans in U.S. history.

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