Waco Electrical Construction and Management Technology

(WACO, Texas) – Eleven students from Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Texas, visited Texas State Technical College in Waco  on Friday, March 22, to tour electrical-focused programs.

Students visited the Electrical Construction, Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology, Electrical Power and Controls, and Instrumentation Technology programs.

“We are opening their eyes to what they can do,” said Bryan Necessary, an instructor in the Electrical Power and Controls program.

The high school students saw breakers, conduit, programmable logic controllers, transformers and other equipment that TSTC students use in classes daily.

“I want them to see the different programs TSTC has to offer and spark an interest in something they have not thought about before,” said Betsy Killian, a counselor at Hamilton High School.

The visitors also watched students in the Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology program climb practice utility poles during a lab. Instructors told the students that lineworkers have to adapt to a range of weather conditions.

“If you don’t go out, the lights don’t go on,” said Mason Burke, an instructor in the Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology program.

Hunter Mize, a senior at Hamilton High School, toured the campus in February but wanted to return so he could learn more. He plans to attend the Waco campus this fall to study in the Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology program.

“It’s a different experience,” Mize said, comparing high school to college life. “You go from sitting in class to climbing poles. You are practicing what you will do every day (in your career).”

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