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(BRECKENRIDGE, Texas) – Mineral Wells High School juniors and seniors were able to experience what Texas State Technical College students do on a daily basis with the technology available in the college’s labs.

More than 20 students recently toured TSTC’s Breckenridge campus to learn what programs are available there and at the other nine TSTC campuses in Texas.

“The students were impressed with the options of careers they can choose following high school,” said Josh Pedroza, a TSTC student recruiter for West Texas. “After touring our campus, they have a taste of the hands-on experience we are able to provide them.”

The students interacted with the medical manikins in the Vocational Nursing lab. One student used a stethoscope to hear the breathing of a manikin, while others took time to swaddle the baby manikins.

Marchelle Taylor, a TSTC Vocational Nursing instructor, told the students that nursing is one of the more in-demand jobs in the state.

“You do not have to worry about finding a job when you graduate,” she said. “We have people lining up at our doors for our graduates.”

In the Occupational Safety and Environmental Compliance lab, instructor Teresa Purcell allowed students to wear hazmat suits to get a feel for what they could do in class.

“Everybody needs an inspector to keep their company safe,” she said. “We have some of the best graduates working in the field right now.”

Stephen Hope, a TSTC Welding Technology instructor, told students what they would learn in his lab, including the art of tungsten inert gas welding. He summed up all of TSTC’s programs in one sentence.

“Take advantage of the technology, and let it do the work for you,” he said.

In addition to the local programs, Daniel Diaz, a TSTC Industrial Systems instructor in Abilene, showcased his lab through a 360-degree virtual tour.

“We are going to teach you a little bit of everything,” he said. “From health and safety to welding, we are the jack-of-all-trades program. Industrial Systems is a program for those who do not know what they want to do in the maintenance field. We are going to teach you everything.”

Danielle Harper, a counselor at Mineral Wells High School, was pleased to see the students engaged during the tour.

“This was eye-opening not only for the students, but for me,” she said. “This shows our students that you can attend a school for less than four years and have a successful career. I know we are planning to bring more students back to see what is available in Breckenridge.”

Following the tour, students asked Pedroza about TSTC programs available in other areas of the state. Of particular interest to the students were Culinary Arts at the East Williamson County and Waco campuses and Dental Hygiene at the Harlingen campus.

“It was great to see the students express interest in our programs,” Pedroza said. “I am pleased they took the time to recognize we have a lot to offer.”

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