Hannah Aguilar is a Business Management Technology student at TSTC’s Harlingen campus.

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – Texas State Technical College student Hannah Aguilar was a social worker in a nursing home for more than 20 years before the pandemic changed everything.

“I enjoyed helping people, and it halted my career,” she said.

Aguilar turned to her hobby of sewing to pass the time and generate an income.

“I thought, ‘How can somebody make a business out of this?’” she said. “I found a way to produce the items but didn’t have the business knowledge. Since TSTC is close to home, I researched programs that are available. I found the Business Management Technology program. I liked that it’s online and I could make my own schedule.”

Now Aguilar is pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in the program.

“I wanted to prove to my children that I could finish the program,” she said. “I’ve been getting A’s in all of my courses. I received an email that I was in the top 10. That led to an invitation to join (honor society) Phi Theta Kappa.”

Her choice to follow a new career path has been rewarding.

“It’s opened my perspective to potential job opportunities, such as in human resources,” she said.

Connie Moncus is one of Aguilar’s instructors.

“Hannah has demonstrated her potential in several skill areas that are sought after by employers in today’s evolving job market,” she said. “Her critical thinking skills indicate she can overcome challenges and handle diverse situations. She will find alternative strategies to achieve her goals.”

Aguilar has one goal in particular that she is determined to accomplish soon.

“I would like to have a full-time job before I graduate,” she said. “My journey at TSTC has given me a renewed sense of value. It has taught me I can pursue something new that I never thought was possible.”

TSTC offers online training for its Business Management Technology program, which includes an Associate of Applied Science degree in Business Management Technology and certificates of completion in Bookkeeping Accounting Assistant, Business Management Technology, and Office Assistant.

For more information, visit tstc.edu.

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