The staff of TSTC’s Marshall campus holds an annual Community Resource Fair to showcase the resources available both on and off campus for students. (Photo courtesy of TSTC.)

(MARSHALL, Texas) – Texas State Technical College’s Marshall campus hosted its annual Community Resource Fair on Wednesday, Feb. 14. A total of 25 tables displayed resources that are available both on and off campus to help TSTC students.

“We set up the Community Resource Fair to allow students the exposure to all of the resources in the Marshall and surrounding areas,” Lee Killingsworth, the Marshall campus’s Advocacy and Resource Center coach, said. “A lot of times our students won’t ask us for help, but maybe they’ll ask these organizations because they’re not tied to the school.”

One of the attendants was Genesis PrimeCare, a nonprofit medical care provider with locations in Marshall, Atlanta and Texarkana. It was community liaison Bobbi-Jo Robinson’s first time at TSTC, but she already knew it was a great place to offer the organization’s discounted medical services.

“I love (TSTC),” Robinson said. “Everybody seems so nice and so welcoming. I look forward to coming back for more events.”

The Salvation Army came to the Marshall campus to inform students about some of its services, such as rent and utility assistance. Captain Tamara Robb of the Salvation Army’s Marshall location said two of the organization’s closest buildings are in Marshall and Longview, and this was her second time attending TSTC’s Community Resource Fair.

“I think (TSTC) is a great (college) to provide opportunities like this for students to come out and have opportunities to get the resources they need,” Robb said.

Electrical Lineworker and Management Technology student Brison Tatum said he came to the fair to gain valuable information for the future. The TSTC Library and Learning Resources table stood out the most to him.

“We feel important having people come out and do all of this for us,” Tatum said. 

Automation and Controls Technology student Yitzchak Beach came to the event with two of his classmates. Though the trio originally came for the free cupcakes, they were left amazed by all of the help available to students. 

“I didn’t know there were that many resources,” Beach said. 

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