Angela Dunn, Brandi Cruz

(HARLINGEN, Texas) – The effects of drug and alcohol consumption are an important concern at colleges and universities across the nation, and Texas State Technical College will observe National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week with a special event for TSTC students at the Student Center VIP Room on the Harlingen campus on Wednesday, Oct. 26, at 11:30 a.m.

“The focus of the event is to raise awareness, promote responsibility and prevent a health risk associated with drug and alcohol abuse,” said Angela Dunn, a counselor at TSTC’s Harlingen campus. “Driving under the influence not only can cost a student their college career — or a TSTC employee their job, but it could lead to additional measures.”

Dunn said the four campus departments that will host the event provide services and education about drug and alcohol awareness.

“TSTC’s Counseling and Mental Health Services provides substance abuse counseling,” she said. “The Advocacy and Resource Center offers counseling referrals. Student Rights and Responsibilities informs students about sanctions and education if an individual is caught abusing drugs and alcohol on campus. Access Learning and Accommodations, in some cases for qualified individuals, can provide students with accommodations if they need treatment for substance abuse.”

Janette Gomez, a community standards liaison for TSTC’s Student Rights and Responsibilities department, said there will be several activities available at the Oct. 26 event.

“There will be a simulated DWI obstacle course activity, as well as an educational loteria about the consequences of drug and alcohol use,” Gomez said. “There will be information tables from Behavioral Health Solutions of South Texas and the TSTC Police Department. During the event, we will also host a sobriety activity, and a Halloween costume contest to educate students that they can have fun while being sober.”

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