Waco Building Construction Technology

(WACO, Texas) – Lisa Alaniz, of Seguin, is a Building Construction Technology student at Texas State Technical College’s Waco campus. She is scheduled to graduate in December.

Alaniz is currently an intern at Vaughn Construction, where she is working on the Mark and Paula Hurd Welcome Center building project at Baylor University. She is a graduate of Seguin High School.

How did you decide to attend TSTC?

I knew I did not want to work in an office my whole life. Growing up, my father took me and my sister to work projects. He owned his own sandblasting company. That is how I got introduced to it (construction). I am a hands-on person. I also had some friends here in the Diesel Equipment Technology program, and they told me about the Building Construction Technology program.

How have you enjoyed the Building Construction Technology program?

Everyone is on the same page wanting to learn, get a lot of understanding and knowledge, and graduate. Being in this program helps with leadership skills. I have really liked my construction management classes. That is the area I want to go into.

What are you doing during your internship?

I am working as an intern for Vaughn Construction, which has offices all over Texas. I really like the commercial side of construction and the big buildings. It is interesting seeing the structural part of everything. I am learning quite a bit. Another student and I keep the job site clean and make sure it meets codes. We get to walk around with our safety guys. I think it is really important that people do hands-on work before becoming the big boss.

Why should more women pursue the construction industry?

Women tend to pay attention to detail. We want our work to look just as good or better. I think it’s really good for females to go into this program. It makes you stronger, and you learn to not take criticism personally in the field.

What are your plans after graduation?

I am super excited about graduating. I cannot wait to go out and show that females can do it too in the construction industry. Vaughn Construction has a job open for me in the San Antonio area that I will start in spring. I am also planning a wedding right now. Those months after graduation will help me and get my head back into construction work. My fiance and I are working to save and buy some land.


Construction managers in Texas made a median yearly salary of more than $96,000 in 2021, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Career One Stop website. The labor agency estimates there will be a need for more than 75,500 construction managers in Texas by 2030.

TSTC is proud to recognize National Hispanic Heritage Month, which takes place from mid-September to mid-October.

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