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(HARLINGEN, Texas) – With the Texas State Technical College fall 2022 semester beginning Monday, August 29, TSTC students will have the opportunity to learn more about TSTC’s Harlingen campus when they engage in Welcome Week activities.

Representatives from TSTC’s Advocacy and Resource Center will answer students’ inquiries at information stations. In addition, TSTC administration will guide students who need assistance in locating their respective programs.

Belinda Palomino, TSTC’s Advocacy and Resource Center coordinator and statewide lead, said she is thrilled to meet with new and returning students.

“Students will be provided with campus maps and information about the college’s programs,” Palomino said.

TSTC students can visit the Student Services Center to obtain their student IDs.

Llesmin Gonzalez, TSTC’s assistant director of testing centers in Harlingen, emphasized the importance of the ID cards.

“It is a multiuse card,” Gonzalez said. “Students have quicker access to their refunds at the touch of a button.”

The Student Center will host an open house on Wednesday, August 31, when students can learn about the Advocacy and Resource Center, cafeteria, Campus Store, Career Services department, Counseling Center, and Veteran Services.

Lisa Garza, TSTC’s Advocacy and Resource Center coach, said she will share information about the food pantry and emergency aid.

“Data has shown that TSTC students are graduating at a higher rate with higher GPAs after receiving assistance from the Advocacy and Resource Center, as opposed to students who do not receive any assistance,” Garza said. “The Student Center open house is perfect for the students to learn more about the services each department provides so they are successful and get higher-paying jobs.”

A meet-and-greet will be held on Thursday, September 1, at the campus Enrollment Center.

Rebeca Villanueva-Hernandez, TSTC’s enrollment executive in Harlingen, said the meet-and-greet is ideal for students to grab a snack before or after class and visit with the Enrollment Center coaches.

“The enrollment coaches are ready to offer advice on how the students can be successful this fall 2022 semester,” Villanueva-Hernandez said.

Lorena Garza-Garcia, TSTC’s director of student housing in Harlingen, said TSTC is working hard to ensure that everything is ready for students at TSTC’s Wellness and Sports Center.

“A full-circuit training room, multiple racquetball courts, multiuse exercise rooms and a full basketball gym are available,” Garza-Garcia said. “The gym can also be used for indoor soccer or volleyball. The space is open for use by any registered TSTC student or any TSTC employee. Every 100th gym-goer will win a prize.”

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