Jose Reyes

Jose Reyes, of Harlingen, grew up with a unique connection to electronics, from building basic electronic kits as a child with his father to observing the robotics club events at his former high school.

Those interests in mechanical and electronic engineering led him to enroll at Texas State Technical College’s Harlingen campus, where he is pursuing an Associate of Applied Science degree in Mechatronics Technology and where his father is an instructor in the same program.

Reyes said the moments he spent building electronic kits with his father were fun, and the robotics students’ collaboration with each other was inspiring.

“The kits were basically Legos, but with more electrical components,” he said. “At my old high school, I would get a glimpse of the robotics club photos and competitions. I found it really interesting.”

Reyes’ father, Carlos Reyes, is a TSTC alumnus. He earned an Electronic Servicing Technology certificate of completion in 1981 and an Electronics Technology Associate of Applied Science degree in 1986 from the college.

The third-year Mechatronics instructor has been teaching at TSTC for more than 20 years.

Mentoring his son and the new spring cohort motivates him to train them for success.

“I advise them to learn as much as possible while in the program,” he said.

Jose Reyes remarked that his father is definitely another reason why he enrolled.

“Just by the fact that he teaches what I am going to be learning is an advantage,” he said. “By observing his projects, I will be able to comprehend the material and future endeavors.”

He revealed that what excites him is the program’s future.

“The modern world is starting to run solely on technology and different components of mechatronics technology,” he said. “I am excited to learn how the things that I create work the way they do.”

In Texas, electrical and electronic engineering technologists and technicians can earn around $69,000 a year. The number of these jobs in the state is expected to increase 8% by 2028.

TSTC offers Mechatronics Technology at the Harlingen campus, where students can earn an Associate of Applied Science degree or an Electromechanical Automation occupational skills award.

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