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Digital Media Design is perfect for you if you have a passion for art, media and technology. With your training, you could find a job in a marketing firm, video content creation, print, social media management and more.

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Learn techniques in graphic media production, multimedia, user experience design, videography and photography. Using the creative process, move from brushes and pens to Adobe Creative Suite in order to create your design content. Your artistic skills and digital know-how will help you in a colorful career where your imagination and creativity shine.

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Digital Media Design
Associate of Applied Science
20 months
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Digital Media Design
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Career title Graphic Designers
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Career title Film and Video Editors
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Performance-Based Education

Get ready for the performance of your career. Performance-Based Education (PBE) helps you to focus on mastery in specified industry skills or competencies. This PBE program is self-directed and conducted either fully online or in a blended learning environment that flips traditional lecture to online and emphasizes hands-on learning in a technical lab environment.

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