TSTC x SkillsUSA's Mission

With SkillsUSA, students compete to showcase their skills.

Through hands-on competitions in areas like welding and automotive technology, students are provided with the tools to succeed in any workplace. Not only that, but our students also perform well in critical leadership and teamwork scenarios each year. Whether it is solo or as a team, our students rank highly in any competition they choose.

Every student has the potential to be the best.

We strive to provide students with the tools they need to achieve their goals. The SkillsUSA skills conference allows students to show their skills to high-paying employers, helping to ensure them a great job when they graduate. Our faculty dedicate their time to mentor student competitors because we love to see our students succeed.

You can learn more about our programs and find your future award-winning talent.

SkillsUSA winners
Technically Best in Texas
SkillsUSA winners

TSTC wins more medals at SkillsUSA than all other Texas two-year colleges combined!

TSTC has won a total of 722 awards since 2017, at the state level. Similarly, we have sent students to compete at the national level every competition year since then.

In 2023 alone, we have 23 students qualified for the national stage.

With 271 gold, 198 silver, and 151 bronze medals since 2017, TSTC can proudly say our students are ready for anything life throws their way.

Are you ready to start your journey towards a successful career?

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Gold Medals
Silver Medals
Bronze Medals

2023 SkillsUSA Statewide Winners

Congratulations to our SkillsUSA State level competition winners and the employees who coached them. Good luck at Nationals in Atlanta, Georgia!
Gold Medalists

Julia Farris, Harlingen – Aviation Maintenance Technology

Joseph Mesecke, Waco – Automotive Service Technology

Juan Cerda, Marshall – CNC 2 Axis Turning Programmer

Reymundo Salinas, Harlingen – Medical Terminology

Alfredo Molina, Harlingen – Collision Damage Appraisal & Total Loss Evaluation

Zacarias Felipe, Waco – Carpentry

Austin Stowe, Marshall – Information Technology Services

Z. Atwell, T. Kalman (Team A), Brownwood – Web Design and Development

Melanie Limon, Harlingen – Medical Math

William Daniel Navar Wright, North Texas – CNC Programmer

Edna Vargas, Harlingen – Early Childhood Education

Chris Martinez, Brownwood – Plumbing

J. Contrearas, J. Alaniz (Team B), Harlingen – Robotics: Urban Search and Rescue

Joshua Lynn, Waco – Cabinetmaking

Axel Torres, West Texas – Related Technical Math

Tristan Matthew, Marshall – Action Skills

Philip Taylor, West Texas – Electronics Technology

Tristan Matthew, Marshall – Industrial Motor Control

Angel Brondel, East Williamson County – Extemporaneous Speaking

Adam Rivas, North Texas – Welding

Austin Prunty, Marshall – Internet of Things and Smart Home

D. Bostick, M. Brigman (Team A), Brownwood – Emergency Medical Technician Demonstration

M. Linthicum, B. Linthicum (Team A), Marshall – Mechatronics

Angel Brondel, East Williamson County – CNC 3 Axis Milling Programmer

Fabian Camargo, Waco – Heavy Equipment Operation Demonstration

Silver Medalists

Jackson Vince Sturgess, North Texas – CNC 2 Axis Turning Programmer  

Alberto Mendoza Jr., Harlingen – Medical Terminology  

L. Rist and D. Willis (Team B), Marshall – Cyber Security  

KC Poland, Brownwood – Computer Programming

Isaac Hight, Marshall – Telecommunications Cabling  

Anyely Sierra, Waco – Restaurant Service  

M. Clesh, D. McMillan (Team B), Brownwood – Web Design and Development

Jocelyn Galvan, Harlingen – Medical Math  

Danielle Pinon, Harlingen – Early Childhood Education  

J. Cannon, Z. Morris, D. Konz, J. Zuniga, M. Lopez, Z. Stanbarger, J. Gonzalez (Team A), Waco – Automotive Quiz Bowl  

Jess Johnson, Harlingen – Cabinetmaking  

R. Bustamante, W. Conine, K. Herrera (Team G), Brownwood – Welding Fabrication  

Joseph Garcia, Waco – Plumbing  

H. Ludgate, J. Arnold (Team B), Marshall – Additive Manufacturing  

Hafez Umar, Harlingen – Aviation Maintenance Technology  

Christopher Nicholson, North Texas – Industrial Motor Control  

Justin Beene, East Williamson County – Welding  

Jamila Skrhak, Breckenridge – Nurse Assisting  

Jessica Krause, East Williamson County – Welding Sculpture  

C. Falls, C. Pena (Team C), Harlingen – Mechatronics  

Allison Abundiz, Harlingen – Collision Repair Technology  

Sergio Bazaldua, Marshall – Internetworking  

Henry Nguyen, North Texas – CNC 3 Axis Milling Programmer

Eliza Morris, Waco – Heavy Equipment Operation Demonstration

Bronze Medalists

Remington Sipes, Marshall – CNC 2 Axis Turning Programmer 

Lacey Hampton, Breckenridge – Medical Terminology

H. Smith, G. Hart (Team A), Marshall – Cyber Security

Jonathan Zuniga, Harlingen – Job Skill Demonstration A

James Broe, Harlingen – Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Gilbert Hernandez, Waco – Carpentry

Reymundo Salinas, Harlingen – Medical Math

Sagatha Gonzalez, Harlingen – Early Childhood Education

Marius Hudson, Marshall – Prepared Speech

Axel Torres, West Texas – Electronics Technology

Antonio Gonzales, Jr., North Texas – Industrial Motor Control

Fernando Espinoza, Harlingen – Aviation Maintenance Technology

Daniel Rendon, Harlingen – Job Skill Demonstration Open

Miguel Reyes, Brownwood – Plumbing

Sabrina Stewart, Brownwood – Welding Sculpture

Vicente Robles, Harlingen – Collision Repair Technology

Zach Beck, Marshall – Welding

SkillsUSA Awards Excellence
SkillsUSA winners

The benefits of joining just keep building...

Students compete in hard skills competitions like automotive technology and computer programming to showcase their hands-on training in a fast paced environment. However, students also get to showcase their durable skills which make them perfectly suited to the workforce, such as:

  • Leadership Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Confidence

The reward of being a member of SkillsUSA is undeniable. You could have:

  • Lucrative Job Opportunities
  • Access to Industry Contacts
  • Cutting-edge job skills training
  • Networking Opportunities
  • and more!

Take the next step

Be bold with your future. TSTC is here to teach you everything you need to know and SkillsUSA is here to recognize your efforts.

You can learn more about SkillsUSA through their website


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