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Automated technology in today’s workplace requires highly-trained technicians who have technical knowledge and hands-on experience. As humans and machines collaborate more closely on complex jobs, there’s more of a need for trained and qualified technicians.  At TSTC you will learn to program and interface robots with other industrial systems and get the practice you need to put these skills into action on the job.

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Our program provides training on automated manufacturing processes, the role of robots, and support equipment. Our instructors provide you specialized instruction in these high-tech systems. You will learn the skills to troubleshoot, program and operate high-speed, high-precision automated systems and put your training to work.

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Fort Bend County Waco
Robotics Technology
Associate of Applied Science
20 months
Skills Award
Basic Electromechanical Automation-PLC
Occupational Skills Award
3 months
Juan Alferez
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We can make this promise because we specialize in teaching the in-demand skills that Texas companies need most. We put our money where our mouth is because we are so confident in the quality of our technical education programs.

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