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Chemical Dependency Counseling
Chemical Dependency Counseling:
Abilene: 325.672.7091
Breckenridge: 254.559.7700
Brownwood: 325.643.5987
   Department Chair:
Patty Bundick
voice: 254.559.7721
fax: 254.559.7704
Email: Patty Bundick
   Mailing Address:
Chemical Dependency Counseling
TSTC Breckenridge
307 N Breckenridge
Breckenridge, TX 76424
The Chemical Dependency Counseling program is offered in Abilene, Breckenridge and Brownwood
   Office Hours:
M-F: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Did you know that Chemical Dependency Counseling in the only type of program where you can enter the counseling field quickly and become a practicing counselor with an AAS degree? Students in the TSTC West Texas Chemical Dependency Counseling Program want to help others and view this counseling career field as an ideal way to aid individuals and families in recovery. If you visualize yourself making a difference in the lives of those recovering from an addiction, the Chemical Dependency Counseling Program at our Breckenridge location may be exactly what you are looking for.

Our faculty members are Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors (LCDC) and have years of experience in the chemical dependency treatment field, including counseling in the criminal justice system, mental health, and community supervision programs. They also have a thorough knowledge of the basics -- the biology and pharmacology of addiction.

In the Chemical Dependency Counseling Program, you'll learn the principles of the field in class lectures and activities and then use that information and training to conduct counseling sessions during a 300-hour practicum conducted at a treatment facility -- an intense hands-on experience with clients. Courses you'll take depend on the degree or certification (a short-term option) you choose to pursue and may include:

  • Introduction to Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions

  • Basic Counseling Skills

  • Pharmacology of Addiction

  • Assessment Skills of Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions

  • Therapeutic Communities in a Criminal Justice Setting

  • Professional Development

  • Addicted Family Intervention

Although the program is housed in Breckenridge, courses may be offered at our Abilene or Brownwood locations.

Our students find careers in substance abuse counseling and, under the guidance of a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, provide services such as:

  • Clinical Evaluation

  • Treatment Planning

  • Individual, Group, and Family Counseling

  • Client, Family and Community Education

  • Service Coordination

Graduates of the Chemical Dependency Counseling Program often find jobs quickly and frequently with employers that also provide practicum sites such as Gateway Foundation, Inc. and Summer Sky, Inc. in Stephenville, Texas.