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Solar Energy
Solar Energy Technology:
Sweetwater: 325.235.7300
   Department Chair:
Mike Haigood
voice: 325.235.7398
fax: 325.235.7357
Email: Mike Haigood
   Mailing Address:
Solar Energy Technology
TSTC Sweetwater
300 Homer K Taylor Dr
Sweetwater, TX 79556
The Solar Energy Technology program is offered in Sweetwater
   Office Hours:
M-F: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

AAS Degree Coming Soon!

A specialization of Applied Engineering Technology

Due to rising gas prices and the national push to move to renewable energy in the United States, the solar energy industry is booming. The American Solar Energy Society and renewable energy and energy efficiency industries created a total of 8.5 million jobs in 2006, with more on the way. In fact, the solar energy sector is predicted to become a $15 billion industry by 2020, experts predict.

Major companies, such as Chevron, BP Global, DuPont and other giants now have or are adding solar divisions. New companies in Texas, too, are joining in the effort. There are, in fact, more than 50 solar-related companies which have sprung up in the past decade, with more expected to come online in the coming years. That's why TSTC's Applied Engineering Technology division has developed an online/hybrid certificate/A.A.S degree in solar energy. It is, in fact, a unique opportunity to start your solar power education while continuing to work and is only offered at TSTC West Texas.

Solar energy can be used for residential, commercial and some light industrial applications and this technology is used to support solar thermal (heating of fluids) and solar photovoltaic PV (generation of electrical power). This renewable energy resource has created many new jobs in the industry which includes electrical marketing, building and construction, solar installation, and many others. Solar Technicians are needed to sell, manufacture, design, install and maintain equipment.

TSTC's Solar Energy program can accelerate a career for you in this growing industry. Our association with the Texas Renewable Energy Education Consortium, the State Energy Conservation Office and others, ensures you are getting the most current education in the industry. That, and our experienced staff, combined with industry advisors, can help put you on a fast-track for the solar energy job market.