TSTC student Jeffry Goodson balances his time between the Precision Machining Technology program and working for a local tractor and equipment company. (Photo courtesy of TSTC.)

(MARSHALL, Texas) – Steven Williamson, a Precision Machining Technology instructor at Texas State Technical College’s Marshall location, recently described one of the benefits of taking college classes at night: “You work during the day and then you come to school, and you still have time with family and friends.”

Several TSTC students are benefiting from that very formula.

After obtaining his GED certificate, Bobby Sissom enrolled in TSTC’s Industrial Systems program to help support his family in Avinger. He recommends night classes to students who do not qualify for student financial aid but have a day job to help them pay for college.

“If you want to pay out of pocket, night classes are perfect for sure,” he said.

Diesel Equipment Technology student and Carthage resident John Castro chose to pursue his certificate of completion after an automobile accident left him unable to return to his former work in the oil fields. He now spends his days working at an internship with a construction equipment rental company and his nights at TSTC’s Marshall location.

“I’ve always had a job, so I never really thought about getting my schooling done,” Castro said. “I just know this certification paperwork will help me.”

Canton native Jeffry Goodson had considered attending TSTC since his days studying at a four-year university. When he finally looked into attending night classes in TSTC’s Precision Machining Technology program, he immediately felt at home.

“This is … just the stuff that’s important,” he said. “No English, art, science — just the machining, learning about what I wanted to learn.”

Goodson continues to work at a tractor and equipment company while attending TSTC and taking care of his wife and daughter.

Night classes are currently available for the Cybersecurity, Diesel Equipment Technology, Drafting and Design, Industrial Systems, Precision Machining Technology and Welding Technology programs at the Marshall location.

Summer and fall registration for current TSTC students has begun. For new students, registration begins on April 8. For more information, visit tstc.edu.

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