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Instrumentation covers several fields of study-from the distribution of electricity to an assortment of control applications including computers, smart transmitters, fiber optics, programmable logic controllers, field buss, robotics, and more. TSTC designed the program to prepare graduates to work in the areas of engineering and design; installation and calibration; maintenance, testing and troubleshooting; computer instrumentation and robotic interfacing; networking; sales; and electrical construction.

The term instrumentation technician includes a broad range of duties and responsibilities within the instrumentation field. The job title may include instrument technician, instrument repairman, instrument planner, nuclear instrumentation technician, instrument foreman, and instrument supervisor or junior instrument engineer.

Instrumentation technician may also identify the area of work such as power plant, nuclear power plant, chemical industry, tobacco industry, paper and wood pulp, research and development, electronics, aircraft, water treatment, biomedical, aerospace and many others.

Instrument technicians troubleshoot, maintain, repair, replace and install process control and manufacturing equipment to produce quality products and ensure environmental protection, safety and cost-effective operations. Technicians work with pneumatic, mechanical, electronic and computer based process control equipment.

Industrial firms are recruiting men and women as entry-level employees who can apply mathematical concepts, communicate complex ideas, compose accurate and correct reports, solve problems, and be self motivated.

Instrumentation Program Outcomes:

Graduates of the Associate of Applied Science in Instrumentation Technology will:

  • Be able to inspect, calibrate, troubleshoot and repair the types of instruments used in the instrumentation field.
  • Be able to understand instrument control loops.
  • Effectively communicate with customers and colleagues in a professional manner.
  • Perform their functions in an ethical and safe manner that is consistent with standards and regulations.

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