TSTC staff member points to a powerpoint featuring a description of Canvas to a room full of new students

(MARSHALL, Texas) – On Aug. 11, a total of 74 new students arrived at Texas State Technical College’s Marshall campus for new student orientation. The army of recruits was met by an army of instructors and staff, who were eager to welcome and assist them in the next step of their lives.

After receiving their TSTC IDs, the students attended a welcome session that covered everything from the code of conduct to available services like the college’s Advocacy and Resource Center and its Career Services department. 

Throughout the presentation, the TSTC staff never hesitated to remind the newcomers that they care about them.

“You are a family here, not just a student,” said Michelle Atkinson, the Marshall campus’ enrollment executive. “(The staff is) going to help you realize how much you mean to us, how we serve you, and how you will become a TSTC family.”

When the session concluded, the new students either met their instructors or received a tour from the enrollment coaches if their instructors were unavailable. Housing tours and assistance with logging on to TSTC’s online student portal were also offered.

New Computer Networking and Systems Administration student Elysse Mitchell gained plenty of experience in her field as an intelligence analyst for the Navy. However, she chose to come to TSTC after finding that the workforce outside of the Navy held her to a different standard.

“I was getting denied because I didn’t have a degree,” Mitchell said. “I figured TSTC was great because my brother went here. He loved this campus.”

Drafting and Design student Angela Beach will be joining her son — an upcoming Automation and Controls Technology student — and husband — Marshall campus’ senior enrollment coach — on campus to pursue her passion for art and design. 

“I’ve never really found out what I wanted to do with things like that,” Beach said. “My kids are older, and we decided it was time for me to go to school. I’m feeling excited to start something new.”

Provost Barton Day is passionate about finding high-paying jobs for Texans and gave TSTC’s recruits a mission.

“A lot of folks don’t know that TSTC is here or what we do,” Day said. “Please let folks know we’re here. Let them know of your experience and how you found us. Lead somebody else to the same water. It’s a great place. You’re going to enjoy it here, I promise you.”

Aug. 25 will be the final day for new student orientation before the fall semester begins on Aug. 28, but registration for the fall semester is still open. For more information on TSTC, go to tstc.edu.

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