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TSTC is just one of two schools in Texas and one of only a few in the nation offering a degree in Solar Energy Technology. With more and more corporations, businesses and homeowners using solar energy, job opportunities in solar technology are growing. As a solar technician, you will learn all about solar energy and how to install and maintain this cutting-edge technology.

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In our Solar Energy Technology program, you will learn about residential, utility and commercial installation, maintenance and repair. You’ll gain skills in troubleshooting and electrical construction as well. In addition, we offer an Energy Efficiency specialization in energy checks and home energy efficiency. With new regulations created daily throughout the nation and in Texas, the program certifies and trains you to perform energy audits, improve home efficiency and execute other important energy-related functions. TSTC partners with the Texas Renewable Energy Education Consortium and the State Energy Conservation Office to ensure that your curriculum meets industry standards. You could be in the field after earning an Associate of Applied Science degree in Solar Energy Technology in four semesters or a Certificate in Energy Efficiency Specialist in just two semesters. Your job prospects include local installation companies, energy providers and multinational industry companies, just to name a few.

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Solar Energy Technology
Associate of Applied Science
16 months
Hugh Whitted
Energy Efficiency Specialist
Certificate 1
8 months
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Career title Energy Auditors
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