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Wind Energy
Wind Energy Technology:
Sweetwater: 325.235.7300
Mike Haigood
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Wind Energy Technology
TSTC Sweetwater
300 Homer K Taylor Dr
Sweetwater, TX 79556
The Wind Energy Technology program is offered in Sweetwater
   Office Hours:
M-F: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Wind Energy Technology - West Texas

Texas State Technical College has also partnered with Texas Tech University. You can read more about the partnership at the Texas Wind Energy Institute site.

Have you thought that you would like to work outside where you could see the seasons change and the sun rise and set? Do you dream of a career that combines hands-on technical skills with your problem solving abilities? A career in the exceptionally high-demand wind energy field may be exactly what you are looking for. Here at TSTC West Texas, our instructors and staff are here to help you achieve your career goals.

In the Wind Energy Technology Program, you'll learn to operate and maintain the systems that make a wind turbine function whether it's an electrical, pneumatic, communications, computer, control or hydraulic system. Plus, at TSTC West Texas, we have our very own wind turbine! The TSTC West Texas turbine is the first, full-scale, 60 cycle, 2 megawatt turbine built by the DeWind Corporation. The turbine has a drive train that features a combination of a torque converter and a synchronous generator that is an industry first. The stylish nacelle was designed by Porsche. It will be part of your learning experience and an exciting hands-on training opportunity.

Your instructors will also emphasize the safety aspects of working in the wind energy industry and you'll be able to practice those principles throughout the program. Examples of courses you'll take include:

  • DC Circuits and AC Circuits
  • Wind Turbine Materials and Electro-Mechanical Equipment
  • Digital Fundamentals
  • Iberdrola Renewables
  • Industrial Automation
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Basic Fluid Power (Hydraulics and Pneumatics)
  • Wind Business
  • Wind Turbine Troubleshooting and Repair

You'll also learn all about SCADA (that stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). It's the utility industry standard computerized system that controls the wind tower network. You'll also find that knowledge of all the systems you'll learn in the Wind Energy Technology Program is important not only to wind energy but also to many other types of companies in the utility industry. That means that as a graduate you will have varied career options.

Many well-known companies are involved in the wind energy field whether they are owner/operators, manufacturers or service providers and these companies are looking for employees with the skills and training you can gain in the Wind Energy Program. Your choices for a career span Texas or if you are interested in travel, the wind energy field offers opportunities throughout the world. A few wind energy companies are listed below:

  • FPLE
  • E.ON Climate and Renewables
  • Shell Wind
  • Beyond Petroleum
  • GE Energy
  • Siemens Wind Power
  • Mitsubishi
  • Vestas
  • Run Energy
  • Mariah Services
  • Upwind Solutions
  • Northwind Solutions
  • TECO/Westinghouse
  • Shermco Industries
  • Invenergy
  • Granite International
  • Wave Wind

If a career in wind energy sounds appealing to you, contact us -- we're here to help you achieve your career dreams.