Automation is the future

Automated technology in today’s workplace requires highly-trained technicians. At TSTC you will learn to program and interface robots with other industrial systems utilizing skills such as…

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming and software
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming
  • Electrical and circuitboard design
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)
  • Robot programming and diagnostics

Take control of your future and build something worth remembering.


Degree Plans

Students are required to enroll in a First-Year Seminar course, TSTC 1102 Professional Skills, in their first semester attending TSTC unless they have completed more than 24 credit hours. Please see detailed information regarding the course and exemptions in the Catalog and Student Handbook under 07. First Steps at TSTC section 04. First Year Seminar Courses (TSTC 1101 and TSTC 1102).

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Fort Bend County Waco
Robotics & Industrial Controls Technology
AAS Associate of Applied Science
Charles Sparks
Robotics & Industrial Controls Technology
CER2 Certificate of Completion
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