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How it works

TSTCYou gives you access to flexible learning through Performance-Based Education (PBE) that works with your busy schedule. Train to master valuable job skills that will lead you to the career and salary you deserve. Choose your path with multiple options for in-demand jobs in industries that offer great opportunities. Our focus is on your success — and getting you to work fast. See how TSTCYou compares to Traditional Education.

Move through your courses at a flexible pace

In TSTCYou programs, you determine the speed at which you move through course content. Take assessments when you are ready to prove your grasp of industry-relevant information. Your training works for you when you can break the mold of traditional education, which revolves around due dates and a single chance to earn a grade. Move at the pace that works best for your schedule and understanding, spending less time on assignments you have mastered and more time on the items that need your attention. Guide dates will help you stay on track in your course an as long as you complete all assessments at the appropriate level by the course completion date, you will be on the path to success. You will not be penalized for taking the entire session period to complete a technical course. General Academic courses will also be offered in 15-week sessions with the opportunity to accelerate.

Access coursework online

TSTCYou meets you where you are to make your training more flexible and accessible. In a TSTCYou program, all your course content is available online. Access it on your schedule and view it as many times as you need to strengthen your understanding. Ready to get to the finish line? Complete multiple lessons and successfully demonstrate your mastery of the skills and information. Need to pump the brakes? Take the time you need for your individualized training.

Master the skills

Feeling confident about the content and practice exercises you are completing? Cement your knowledge and apply your skills in the lab. Getting hands-on in a hybrid program is a perfect way to reinforce what you have learned — and get feedback from an instructor on your progress. In an online program? You can demonstrate your mastery on your device and connect remotely with an instructor. If you master the assessment, you can move on to the next competency. If your instructor determines that you need more practice, no pressure. Circle back around on this competency and move forward once you are ready.

Work with Your Schedule

One thing you can always expect in life is the unexpected. Going back to school to earn a degree can seem daunting, especially if you are supporting your family. That’s why TSTCYou works for you, offering you the ability to fit your training into your busy life. The flexibility of how you spend your time — and when — is a powerful resource to help you complete your training and get started in a great career.

Set Your Start and Finish Lines

With TSTCYou, you can schedule when you start — and finish — your program. If your schedule keeps you from starting at the beginning of a semester, you can jump in at week six as long as you complete your courses by the end of the semester. Full-time status is possible. If you complete your courses ahead of schedule, you do not have to wait until the end of the semester to finish. Exit the course early and move ahead in the program to get to work sooner — and get to work sooner.

About Performance-Based Education

Performance-Based Education (PBE) through TSTCYou offers you the flexibility you need to fit your education into your busy schedule. Train at the pace that works best for you, and demonstrate your mastery of the lesson through an assessment with your instructor. Move quickly through the concepts you understand, or take more time on the lessons you need to delve deeper into.

See Why TSTC is Right for YOU

Flexibility / Accessibility

TSTC is student-centered and meets you where you are. Sometimes it’s hard to leave home or work to get to class. That’s why we bring the class to you! Get the same quality, technical training 100% online from TSTC to get you on the path to a new career.


Can’t get away during the day? No problem. We offer a growing list of evening classes to help you complete your degree at night.

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re confident that our training programs can help you get a job. But if you still need assurance, check out our Money-Back Guarantee programs. In some of our high-demand programs, we assume the risk so you don’t have to.


We offer other short-term training opportunities that can help you move into a career faster. Our Workforce Training programs offer you a wide range of courses you can choose from that fit well with industry.

Microcredentials and Badges

TSTC has partnered with Credly to provide you with a digital version of your credentials. This digital image contains verified metadata that describes your qualifications and the process required to earn them.

Paying for

Coming back to college can be a difficult decision. And so can deciding how you pay for it. That’s why we accept financial aid and offer payment options to lessen the financial burden on you.


We have many scholarships available to help you. You can use them to help you pay for tuition, books, equipment and even more. Be sure to check out our scholarships to see which ones you qualify for.

Increased Focus on Hands-On Learning

TSTC programs focus on hands-on training with industry-standard equipment to help you transition from educational experience to workplace success.

Curriculum Aligned to Industry Needs

Our partnership with industry helps you become more valuable. The competencies you’ll learn contain precise skills that you will use on the job, making you more marketable to potential employers.

Featured Programs

Computer Networking
Drafting & Design

Computer Networking & Systems Administration

Knowing how computer networks operate is key to operating a business. As a network and systems administrator, you are essential to making computer systems work.  Ensuring network and server reliability and security are among the primary responsibilities of this job. If you love computers and operating the tech side of the business, you can put these skills to work.

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Unfortunately, hacking is a daily occurrence. Companies lose millions of dollars each year from cyberattacks, and Americans are often the victims of online crimes. Fortunately for you, your passion for technology can drive you to a career in protecting companies and citizens from online criminals.

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Drafting & Design

Texas is a great place to be a drafter. The state employs the highest number of drafters in the United States. Learning these skills means you can put them to work on the job when you graduate! As a skilled drafter and designer, you will translate ideas into accurate drawings that detail size, shape, and materials through architectural, civil and mechanical planning specifications.

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TSTCYou offers a powerful way to train for a successful future. Combine independent online learning with in-person lab time to master your skills under the direction of instructors with industry experience. Putting in the work will help you seize the opportunity to pursue a high-paying career in a variety of in-demand industries.

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