New for Fall 2024!

Bundled Pricing is a new form of payment where select new associate degree students can spread the cost of tuition, books, tools, and supplies across the semesters of their program. The sum cost of the program tuition, books, tools, and supplies is divided evenly between the semesters it takes to finish the program. Read through our FAQ section to see if Bundled Pricing is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Bundled Pricing?

To be eligible for bundled pricing, a student must be a new student to TSTC with no previous college credits who plans to pursue an associate degree starting after Fall 2024 in either of the following Bundled Pricing programs:

How much does it cost for my program?

Please see the pricing guide below:

What if I am a transfer student or have previous college credits?

Students who are transferring from other institutions or have previous college credits are not eligible for bundled pricing. This program is only available if you are a brand new student with no previous college credits, coming to TSTC for one of the four designated associate degrees beginning Fall 2024.

How do I opt-in?

To opt in for bundled pricing, speak with your program’s enrollment coach to go over the bundled pricing agreement and sign any necessary paperwork. After a student signs the agreement and has made payment, their tools will be ready for pick up around the first week of class. Students who opt in can either pick up their tools and supplies at a TSTC bookstore nearest them, or have them delivered to their home address if no campus is nearby.

What if I drop below full-time hours?

In the event that a student drops below full-time hours then the student forfeits the benefit of the bundled pricing program.  The student will then incur charges of any remaining tuition as outlined by TSTC, plus the remaining cost of all tools and supplies.

What if I withdraw from the college?

If a student withdraws from TSTC, they will forfeit the bundled pricing. The student will then incur charges of any remaining tuition as outlined by TSTC, plus the remaining cost of all tools and supplies.

Can I take summer semesters off?

No, Bundled Pricing is not recommended for students who plan to take summer semesters off. A student must have continuous enrollment from the start of the degree until completion to continue in Bundled Pricing.

What are the benefits of bundled pricing?

Many students face difficulties in affording the upfront cost of a program’s tools and supplies. By opting in to Bundled Pricing, a student can defer the high upfront cost by spreading it out across the allotted semesters of the degree plan.

What are the risks of bundled pricing?

Bundled pricing is a great option, but we understand that it is not for everyone.

A student forfeits the benefit of the bundled pricing program if they:

  • drop below full-time hours,
  • experience a break in enrollment,
  • change to another degree type,
  • change to another major,
  • withdraw from the college, or
  • fall into either academic or financial aid suspension.

If one of the above things occurs, a student will owe back any remaining tuition, and any remaining cost of tools.  

What if there are more tools needed in future semesters, will the student be responsible or is it taken into consideration in the bundled price?

The tool and supply list is determined by each department. If the department adds or changes the supply list in the future, TSTC will honor the terms of the agreement and supply the student with tools, books, or supplies necessary to succeed in their classes.

Can I use bundle pricing if I am not a “resident”?

At this time TSTC only offers bundled pricing for students who are classified as Texas Residents. 

Can I back-out/change my mind? If so, when is the deadline?

After a student has signed the bundled pricing agreement, made payment arrangements, and picked up their tools and supplies they are locked into Bundled Pricing. A student can opt into bundled pricing until the first day of class.

Still Have More Questions?

Talk to an enrollment coach Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m..

Bundled Pricing Eligible Programs
as of Fall 2024

Advanced Manufacturing Technician

Learn while you work AND get paid! The training is sponsored by local companies with the goal of allowing students to graduate debt-free.

This program is available at TSTC at FAME Technical Center in New Braunfels.

Automotive Technology

While some people prefer to be behind the wheel, this program is for those who prefer to get under the hood.

Available at the following campuses: Harlingen, Sweetwater and Waco.

Business Management Technology

The Business Management program provides you with instruction on all aspects of accounting, creation of office documents, business ethics, and other systems.

This program is available 100% online!

HVAC Technology

This program will teach you all you need to have a career as a successful Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician.

Available at the following campuses: East Williamson County, Fort Bend County, Harlingen, North Texas, Waco.

Enrollment Coaches are here for you

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