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Statewide Operating Standards

TSTC Statewide Operating Standards (SOS) are established to implement policy set by TSTC Board of Regents, executive orders issued by the Chancellor, or to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, statutes and regulations.

TSTC has Statewide Operating Standards in four major categories:

GA 1.24       College Committees
GA.1.1         Board of Regents Organization and Operation
GA.1.19       Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan
GA.1.2         Purpose and Composition of the Executive
                    Management Council

GA.1.21       Institutional Integrity
GA.1.22       Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research
GA.1.23       Substantive Change
GA.1.3         Preparation of Statewide Operating Standards
GA.1.4         Internal Audit Function
GA.1.6         Risk Management
GA.1.6.1      Safety Program
GA.1.6.2      Hazard Communication Program
GA.1.6.3      Fire Safety
GA.1.6.4      Indoor Air Quality
GA.1.6.5      Exposure Control and Infection Prevention
GA.1.6.6      Driver Safety
GA.1.6.7      Minors on Campus
GA.5.1         Information Technology
HR.2.1.12    Employee Ethics and Standards of Conduct
HR.2.1.14    Employment
HR.2.1.17    Chancellor Search
HR.2.2.9      Faculty Compensation
HR.2.3.14    Return-to-Work Program

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