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Statewide Operating Standards

TSTC Statewide Operating Standards (SOS) are established to implement policy set by TSTC Board of Regents, executive orders issued by the Chancellor, or to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, statutes and regulations.

TSTC has Statewide Operating Standards in four major categories:

ES.1.01    Intellectual Property
ES 1.02    Faculty Evaluation

ES.1.06    Academic Freedom and

ES.1.07    Faculty Ranking
ES 1.17    Faculty Role in Governance
ES.1.11    Faculty Credentials

ES.1.15    Faculty Expectations and Workload
ES 1.16    Employment of Adjunct Faculty

ES 2.05    Termination of Regular Instructional Programs
ES.2.10    Credit Award for Assessments and Training

ES 2.12    Semester Credit Hour Definition
ES 2.13    Program Application and Approval
ES 2.14    Curriculum Committee

ES 2.15    Curriculum Review and Revision
ES 2.16    LRC Collection
ES 2.17    LRC Evaluation
ES 2.18    Consortia and Contractual Relationships

ES 2.19    Dual Credit
ES 3.08    Drug Free Schools
ES 3.10    Student Right-­to-­Know, and
Campus Security Act
Annual Fire Safety

ES 3.13    Criteria for Scholastic Honors
ES 3.22    Student Travel
ES 3.23    Student Rights and Responsibilities
ES 3.24    Student Complaints and
ES 3.26    Students with Disabilities

ES.4.06    Grading System
ES 4.07    Admission of Students
ES 4.11    Student Absences on Religious Holy Days
ES 4.13    Changing a Grade on a Student’s  Permanent
                Academic Record

ES 4.24    Determination of Good Cause for Course Drops
ES 4.25    Regulatory Reporting and Student Educational
ES 4.26    Honorary Associates Degrees
FA 1.10    Tuition and Fee Schedule
FA 1.9      Refund of Tuition and Fees

FA 6.1      Employee Travel

GA 1.1         Board of Regents Organization and Operation
GA 1.10       Institutional Memberships
GA 1.19       Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

GA 1.2         Purpose and Composition of the Executive
                    Management Council

GA 1.21       Institutional Integrity
GA 1.22       Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research
GA 1.24       College Committees
GA 1.23       Substantive Change
GA 1.3         Preparation of Statewide Operating Standards
GA 1.4         Internal Audit Function
GA 1.6         Risk Management
GA 1.6.1      Safety Program
GA 1.6.2      Hazard Communication Program
GA 1.6.3      Fire Safety
GA 1.6.4      Indoor Air Quality
GA 1.6.5      Exposure Control and Infection Prevention
GA 1.6.6      Driver Safety
GA 1.6.7      Minors on Campus
GA 5.1         Information Technology
HR 2.1.4      Nepotism
HR 2.1.12    Employee Ethics and Standards of Conduct

HR 2.1.14    Employment
HR 2.1.17    Chancellor Search
HR 2.2.3      Employee Performance Appraisals
HR 2.2.7      Employee Probationary Periods

HR 2.2.9      Faculty Compensation

HR 2.3.9      Sick Leave Pool Administration
HR 2.3.14    Return-to-Work Program

HR 2.4.1      Employee Corrective Action
HR 2.4.13    Smoking Policy
HR 2.4.14    Conflict Resolution
HR 2.5.1      Civil Rights Protections_Compliance
HR 2.5.2      Americans with Disability Act

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